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Helping individuals, couples and families to make meaningful change

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I am a registered Clinical Psychologist and I believe in therapy because it can help people to make meaningful changes in their lives. I like the metaphor of a jigsaw puzzle. You come to therapy because the pieces of your life feel scattered. You may be overwhelmed by difficult emotions, confused in your thinking and disconnected from the people and things that matter. Therapy helps to pull the puzzle pieces back together, so that you can have a clearer picture.


I facilitate a therapeutic process guided by your hopes for change, in partnership with my knowledge and experience. My aim is to help you gain clarity and take steps towards reconnecting with your values so that you can live a more meaningful life. 


It’s important to note that therapy is not always easy, and can even be quite confronting at times. However, if you are willing to fully engage with the process, you are likely to reap the benefits.


My practice draws from a number of evidence-based models – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Family Systems Therapy. I also keep abreast of research into human physiology, brain anatomy and neuropsychology. These knowledge sources assist me to help you consider the emotional, physical, mental, behavioural, environmental and spiritual dimensions of your experience. With a more holistic view, we can chart a path towards practical, meaningful and sustainable change. 



Life challenges (like puzzles!) come in all shapes and sizes. Over the past 15 years I have worked with a wide range of people facing a wide range of difficulties, including:

  • Anxiety and stress

  • Depression and mood related problems - including anger and aggression

  • Addictions - alcohol, other drugs, pornography

  • Relationship challenges (working with singles, couples and families)

  • Teenage mental health and development (12+ years)

  • Parenting challenges

  • Grief and loss


At present I do not currently provide specialty treatment for eating disorders or trauma related to past sexual abuse.  However, if you need assistance with these problems, I can recommend colleagues who do work in these areas.



I work at St Marys Bay Psychology, 11 St Mary’s Bay Road.  Parking is available on the road (2 hours free).


Appointments are available: 
Mondays 8am - 6pm

11am – 8pm

Thursdays (every second): 11am – 6pm


Fees (as of Jan 1st 2020)

Each session is booked for 60 minutes and cost $190 (incl. GST for individuals; excl. GST for organizations/companies).  Payments can be made by cash or direct debit/internet banking (details provided at appointment).  I provide GST invoices and receipts if required.



I require 48 hours’ notice for any cancellation, otherwise the full fee will be charged; this also applies to any sessions that are missed.  Allowances are made for emergency situations, such as illness.


To book please contact me on:



St Marys Bay Psychology, 11 St Mary’s Bay Road.